My initial thought when I felt the sadness was...

...“Oh, this is just me being a teenager.”  Little did I know it was something serious… I was too young to feel this sadness, right? I mean a 15 year old girl who basically had the world handed to her shouldn’t feel this bad right? I have a loving family, a roof over my head and amazing friends. So what was wrong? I didn’t know at the time so, I just kind of ignored all my feelings.  I was conditioned to think that my problems aren’t serious because, well, others have it worse. Bottled up emotions, I learned, aren't good for anyone, especially not for yourself. I soon started taking my sadness and anger out on myself through self harm. The pain made me forget about the other pain I was feeling. But, someone came into my life and changed all of that. He made me realize that my feelings were valid and that I shouldn't be ashamed of the way I feel. He helped me learn that just because "others have it worse" doesn't make my feelings any less real. Today, I still struggle with depression but I am no longer afraid to speak out about it. I want to talk about it and let others know that it isn't something to be ashamed of.

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