Episode 12

Special Guest Yumnah Syed

In this episode, we talk to Yumnah Syed, Licensed Master of Social Work as well as Coordinator of Evaluation and Training at the Adelphi University School of Social Work’s Institute for Adolescent Trauma Treatment and Training.



Yumnah is the former Youth Empowerment Advocate at Sakhi for South Asian Women, an advocacy organization working to raise awareness about as well as put an end to domestic violence in South Asian diaspora communities. She will discuss the politics surrounding mental health care, the circumstances that give rise to situations of domestic violence, and insights on having mentally healthy relationships.


We hope you listen, enjoy, share, and #SpeakUp!

Episode 12:


Special Guest

Yumnah Syed

Licensed Master of Social Work

MannMukti Team

Buddy Tangellamudi



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