Episode 5

Special Guest Rana Khan

In this episode, we talk to Rana Khan, a former teacher and leader of Friends of the Collaborative, a group of individuals with lived experiences of mental illness who have come together to support a research collective known as the Collaborative for South Asian Mental Health, which, coincidentally, is led by the guest from our last two episodes, Dr. Gursharan Virdee.



We’ll learn from Rana the exact reasons she wanted to start the FotC, the process she went through in forming the association, and the success she has had in reaching out to the South Asian community at large. As always, we’ll also hear about her own personal interest/experience with mental health and her thoughts on stigma in the South Asian community. 


We hope you listen, enjoy, share, and #SpeakUp!

Episode 5:

Special Guest

Rana Khan

Former Teacher and Author

MannMukti Team

Buddy Tangellamudi

VP Research