Ashini Desai

I could talk about my experiences with mental health and how I was like a fish out of water in every aspect of my life. Or how I smiled and laughed constantly, but how that smile and laugh were a mask. In fact, I had a whole spiel written up and ready. But then I decided that I wanted to tell y'all what I learned instead.

Here are some of those lessons:

1) It's okay to ask for help.
2) I am not weak.
3) Be cautious, but don’t be paranoid. It’s still okay to trust people.
4) Talk to the people who love you; they care.

I learned these lessons through my own experiences, but I also realized that I was not alone. I had the love and support of my friends and family. I also learned that there were others just like me out there. I came across research, statistics, and testimonials that proved that many other people experienced the things I did, tried to cope the same way, and failed just like me. I found a community. That community came to me through MannMukti. I am so thankful for this organization and the influence it had on my life.