In alignment with our mission to encourage others to #SpeakUp about mental health, we’ve created MannMukti Speaks - a blog where we aim to share with our viewers the most relevant issues affecting our community through a personal narrative. If you're interested in sharing your own story or continuing this conversation, please check out this form or reach out via info@mannmukti.org. We hope you read, reflect, and #SpeakUp.

MannMukti Speaks

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ਬੰਦਾ ਬਣ ਜਾ Be(Come) a Man


Anti-Racism through Pro-Wellness

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MannMukti pledges to serve all South Asians, recognizing the power hierarchies in our communities, created and maintained by different identities of caste, language, geography, gender, sexuality, and religion that shape individuals' obstacles while seeking mental liberation.