Do you want to get involved with MannMukti? Now's your chance! We are looking for new people to join our fight against the stigma surrounding mental health. Applications are closed but sign up to hear when our applications will be open.

In addition to our MannMukti team, we also have a group of Ambassadors, who play an integral role in reducing stigma by advocating for mental health awareness in their local communities. We’re proud to work with a diverse array of volunteers who believe in the cause of MannMukti and can bring their own creativity and dedication to hosting events, reaching the widest audience possible, and making an impact. From lawyers and artists to students and health professionals, they’re taking an important step to make a difference in their own circles. Our ambassadors come from all backgrounds and are located across the US and Canada, including San Francisco, Dallas, Vancouver, and Charleston, amongst other cities.

Anjali Bhakta

Archana Singh

Ayesha Bhatia

Esha Kacker

Saher Hyderali



Aarti Patil

Ami Kumar

Ammarah Maqsood

Amulya Gobburu

Ananya Cleetus

Ananya Kalahasti

Anirudh Kesanapally

Anjali Bhatt

Arpoteem Choudary

Asavari Scarff

Avneet Soin

Cayla Harri

Celine Morshed

Chandni Parikh

Chirag Lal

Daman Tiwana

Diya Antony

Henal Patel

Himaja Doddapaneni

Huda Bint Adnan

Humza Khurshid

Kanza Jafri

Karuna Antani

Kasturi Bandyopadhyay

Kavya Arvind

Kishan Patel

Mandhana Pandian

Marina Khalid

Monika Jahan

Mrunymai Phadnis

Neha Sakhuja

Neha Valmiki

Nikhil Kumar

Nishika Patel

Preeti Kalra

Priti Patel

Priya Badhwar

Priya Bansal

Priyanka Reddy Kallen

Radha Thakkar

Reeka Maharaj

Rhea Shahane

Roshni Patel

Sai Pranavi

Sarah Mohamed

Sarosh Nandwani

Shritha Gunturu

Siddharth Gadepalli

Simmi Mani

Sushmitha Dhekne

Theresa Thomas

Vidhi Kumar

Vidisha Mulani

Vikram Ramesh

Viren Goopelli

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MannMukti pledges to serve all South Asians, recognizing the power hierarchies in our communities, created and maintained by different identities of caste, language, geography, gender, sexuality, and religion that shape individuals' obstacles while seeking mental liberation.